Now listen guys, I am not a fitness expert nor am I a high performing athlete. I am THE guy (like most of you fatties) who got sick and tired of their physical appearance to the point where I took massive action which resulted in a “physical alteration”

During my WHOLE childhood and some of my teenage years, I was ridiculed and shamed by almost everyone I knew. From my friends to family. No one could be trusted.

There came a time where I was so fat that when my father arrives from work, I would hide because I know that if he sees me, He would complain about how I don’t take care of my body in a quite harsh way that would end up just making me cry and hate myself more.

So I just decided to avoid the whole scenario.

Back in high school and grade school, I tend to fall in love with girls in a blink of an eye. That was, and still sometimes currently is, my weak spot.

Just one deep and meaningful conversation with a cute girl in school, And It’s game over for me.

I really don’t know why, maybe because of bad childhood memories I have experienced in the past such as abandonment, etc.

But thats a whole another topic.

So anyway, Every single time I try to court a girl, they would most certainly, without fail, Friend-zone me to the point of no return.

I was always the harmless, cute, chubby, huggable guy that some would love and the others would see me as the number one pussy in school.

I knew it was partly because of my physical appearance and partly due to my lack of confidence and social skills in the past. ( I will be writing great articles on confidence and social skills in this blog soon that I know would have a great impact on your life so be excited!)

Here is me showing off my cool batman bag
This was my school’s intramurals back in 2012. I got forced to play volleyball since I had to join a sport for the sake of my grades. When I was standing there I felt like dying I was so shy because I was thinking that everyone Is looking and judging my body. So I decided to just give everyone a fake smile and wait for the suffering to end.


The pictures shown above were back in 2012.

As I am currently writing this blog to you in the year 2017, One of my older brother just saw the pics above and laughed enthusiastically.


Anyway, In the school year of 2013-2014, I was still overweight and also was still an easy target for getting Friend-zoned.

Worst of all, The bullying got worse.

When one of my close friends started making fun of me without considering my feelings, I got so infuriated that I promised him in front of few other people that I would beat him up next school year.

That was quite a bold promise I made.

In the summer of 2013, I enrolled in a gym here in BF homes called “Yellow Corner Boxing Gym”

I enrolled in boxing classes and there I met coach Armaan who helped me changed my life in terms of Physical appearance.

During my first grueling boxing session, 30 minutes in, I was very very very dizzy and my coach made me sit down for a while.

At that moment, I realized how unfit I was and how much I let myself go.

Although, Even though I realized that, It didn’t really affect my motivation.

I told myself to trust the process and keep doing it till it becomes a habit.

I kept going to the gym 4-5 times a week till it became a habit just like brushing my teeth.

Researchers has proven that in order to make something a habit and to be able to commit to it religiously, You need to start doing that certain task for more than 21 or 30 days.

Fast forward to 6 months to a year, This is what I look like now most of the time.


A typical boxing workout includes jogging, calisthenics such as jumping jacks and sparring, each of which burns calories rapidly. For example, HealthStatus notes a 155-pound person will burn 423 calories in 30 minutes of sparring drills, while a 185-pound person will burn 505 calories during the same workout.


Why do you think there are countless boxing gyms here in The Philippines?

Here is why:


2. It obliterates fat FAST

Results show after the first month. Thats why its famous and there are tons of boxing gyms every where, because people want to get in on the business that will offer a large market and the results are assuring.

NOTE: I advise you to take pictures of your body and write down your weight and waistline every week.

By doing this, You will be able to see positive results right before your eyes. This would make your brain release dopamine(reward)(look it up on google) which would DESTROY laziness and will definitely help keep you moving forward.

Not only that, but during the process, you will be able to learn necessary fighting techniques that would be able to help you in the near future.

The upside here is quite large.


Judging from the before and after pics I have showed above, my journey was not all rainbows and butterflies.

I encountered a new problem after obliterating most of my fat.


The term Skinny fat means that I look skinny and healthy on the outside but then once I remove my shirt or at least sit down, The belly is OUT and there are still noticeable fats in the upper body.



Guys I cannot stress this enough.

I have just shown you the BEST way to obliterate fat but if you don’t follow the other part, which is dieting, Then just stop reading this.

Stay away from my blog.


Dieting tips and guides are literally EVERYWHERE on the internet.

Find the one that’s best for you so you can start your journey to FITNESS right away!

I hope you liked this article guys and I also hope that this article would inspire and help you evolve yourself.

Yours truly

Abdul Wakeel.