The most high performing blogs here in the Philippines such as,, etc. usually receive hundreds and thousands worth of traffic per day.

And a small percentage of those generated traffic per day gets converted to e-mail subscribers.

For instance, Lets say, out of the hundreds and thousands of people visiting their website per day, a hundred of them become their subscribers.

Those top performing blogs get around a hundred to a thousand subscribers per day!

However, It’s not that easy.

They have put in so much hard work, intense dedication and countless hours to be where they currently are right now.

While I was learning about how to gain more traffic for beginner bloggers, I stumbled upon one article from regarding on how to get 10,000 visitors in the span of 30 days.

The writer mentioned to head over to to learn more about getting 10,000 people to visit your blog.

At first, I thought it was some scam shit.

However, I visited the site and It was quite legit.

If you write an article about them (Growtraffic) or at least mention their existence in an article you are currently writing, They will offer you REAL people who will be visiting your site.

Which is why I am currently writing this article to you.


If you are a blogger or even an aspiring blogger, Let me know in the comments section if you want to know if i really got  10k visitors and will also be giving you my other insights so that you could learn more.

Below is a question and answer info I found from their website.


Where does this traffic come from?

We’ve partnered with a large ad network that has a combined 20 million visitors per day. These visitors from a combination of pop-under ads on established websites in various niches, as well as expired domain traffic. When you purchase a traffic campaign, you are being displayed on these websites according to the category and the visitor targeting that you chose, until your target number of visitors is reached. Our traffic is PPV (pay per visitor) traffic; these visitors are being redirected to your website for maximum engagement, and an ad image and text is not necessary.

Mr. Vladi, The CEO of, has given me and countless other bloggers and internet marketers out there shit tons of free and valuable content.

I have learned a lot from him in terms of blogging and earning through blogging.

The truth is, Him and a few other people in my life are the people that kickstarted my journey to blogging.

I highly recommend you to check out his website if you are interested in blogging.

Instant 10k traffic: Growtraffic

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